Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Beautiful South - Welcome to the Beautiful South (1989)

Debut LP from The Beautiful South, a band formed from the ashes of The Housemartins. Jangle-y, sugary, "adult alternative"-sounding songs that belie their sardonic, even nihilistic lyrical content. Also, one my favorite album covers.

Track listing:
1. Song for Whoever
2. Have You Ever Been Away?
3. From Under the Corners
4. I'll Sail This Ship Alone
5. Girlfriend
6. Straight in at 37
7. You Keep It All In
8. Woman in the Wall
9. Oh Blackpool
10. Love Is
11. I Love You (But You're Boring)

I don't know, I don't care
I'm just glad that I wasn't there

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  1. This takes me back, had a huge phase of listening to them in my teens. Saw them in Glasgow in '98, clad in parkas and chain smoking throughout the set. The original female singer had left by then, allegedly because the lyrics were getting too fucked up for her! That was also my intro to the very lovely Beth Orton, who was the support act.

  2. Posting this alongside the most vicious metal is what makes you a true master of the digital world.Eternal life to you,man. greetings from Argentina

  3. What I love about this band is their name. They're from the grim North, but they're called "The Beautiful South" because London and south is always so "precious" about itself, and so when they say "the beautiful south", it's pure dark sarcasm....

  4. since discovering your blog i have bought a hard drive and named it opium hum. from this to boduf songs, horrors from the black museum, rowland s howard, pity sex, unhuman disease, ringing bell, kozeljnik, jerry's kids, ride for revenge.. ill stop here
    literally all you post is gold.
    thank you