Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Endstille - Navigator (2005)

All kills, no frills German black metal. Two things that I like about Endstille ASIDE from their music:
  1. Most of their albums (Navigator included) have an entry in the band's ongoing "Monotonus" series, thus named for the drumming on these tracks consisting entirely of blastbeats.
  2. They have, in no uncertain terms, disavowed right-wing politics. 
Anyway, Endstille gets compared to Marduk a lot, and it's not an unfair line to draw, as they're at full-tilt about 90% of the time, with dark, semi-melodic, Swedish-style riffage, and full, pro-sounding production. Regardless of originality, the bottom line is that they fucking annihilate. Not sure what the "2013" in the lower-right corner of the cover is all about, but I'm sure it has something to do with Endstille being history nerds. Anyone?

Track listing:
1. Ortungssignal
2. I Bless You... God
3. Navigator
4. Above the Vault of Heaven
5. Bastard
6. Monotonus II
7. Nameless
8. Let There Be Heaven
9. Disillusioned Victory
10. Endstille (Leichnam)

The void captures your light
The name of God we forget
See you in hell

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