Saturday, May 14, 2016

Steve Hillage - Green (1978)

Excellent psychedelic prog from Steve Hillage, whose many credits include playing with Gong on most of their best records. Synths, acoustic/clean guitars, and lots of delay give the album a laid-back, spaced-out shimmer that's perfect for the pleasantly stoned, starry-eyed state of being that these songs invoke. Also, the funky, fusion-flavored "Unidentified (Flying Being)" sounds like it might have served as the blueprint for the theme song from Toejam and Earl.

Track listing:
1. Sea Nature
2. Ether Ships
3. Musick of the Trees
4. Palm Trees (Love Guitar)
5. Unidentified (Flying Being)
6. UFO Over Paris
7. Leylines to Glassdom
8. Crystal City
9. Activation Meditation
10. The Glorious OM Riff

Meditation of the snake

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  1. steve hillage is way cool. thanks!

  2. Great record. Hillage in this era always makes me think of a sort of British-psychedelia equivalent of what Manuel Gottsching was doing with Ashra.

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