Tuesday, May 3, 2016

x.y.r. - Big Calm (2013)

Gently flowing synths and the sounds of nature. Pretty sure this guy's Russian. It's great to know that there are contemporary artists carrying the psych-minded torch of OG outsider weirdo new age -- complete with analogue hiss and ever-so slight tape warp. Plus, pretty much everything on dude's bandcamp is "name your price," so his heart's clearly in the right place. Infinite support.

Track listing:
1. Message in a Bottle
2. On the Beach (Daydream)
3. Underwater Calm
4. Calm in See
5. Blue Sky an' Calm
6. Inner Calm
7. Moon Bath
8. Calm in Trees

The calm calming of the calmed

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  1. wow, this guy's great. i love to hear about current artists because i can pretend i'm not entirely out of touch. thx dr_spirits