Thursday, March 23, 2017

Diabolique - Wedding the Grotesque (1997)

Swedish gothic metal. Wedding the Grotesque is definitely on the heavier, less melodic, more doom-oriented side of gothic metal, but the miserable-sounding baritone vocals and plenty of dramatic keyboard/organ make it potentially appealing to those whose enjoyment of the subgenre begins and ends with Type O Negative.

Track listing:
1. Dark Man
2. Shaven Angel Forms
3. Blood of Summer
4. Sacrificial Highway
5. The Unchaste Bittersweet
6. Sorrows Piercing Art
7. The Smiling Black
8. Beggar Whipped in Wine
9. The Diabolique


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  1. Surprised you didn't mention that Necrolord (guitars, vocals) is none other than Kristian Wåhlin, who's done the cover art for about 70% of the metal albums to come out Sweden since 1995... Slaughter of the Soul, Blood on Ice, The Secrets of the Black Arts, The Gallery, Storm of the Light's Bane, Crimson II, Wintersun, every Ensiferum album...just to name a few

    1. Ha, funny you should mention it. I had thought about it, but then would've felt obligated to talk about the album cover shown above, which is pretty atrocious IMO, so I opted to just gloss over it.

    2. lol fair. he did tend to walk a fine line between badass and hokey.