Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Blue Sky Black Death - Noir + Violet (2012)

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Gorgeous, downtempo instrumentals from SF-based production duo Blue Sky Black Death. Noir + Violet consists of slowed-down, chopped-and-screwed (hence the "violet") remixes of songs from their best non-collaborative album, Noir. Super-chill, textural sounds for being high to.

Track listing:
1. Our Hearts of Ruin (Screwed Up)
2. Sleeping Children Are Still Flying (Screwed Up)
3. And Stars, Ringed (Screwed Up)
4. Farewell to the Former World (Screwed Up)
5. Gold In, Gold Out (Screwed Up)
6. Where the Sun Beats (Screwed Up)
7. Swords from Driftwood (Screwed Up)
8. Sky with Hand (Screwed Up)

Pilot to paradise

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  1. I listen to the slowed down 'Noir + Violet' much more than the original album it's based on