Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Bug - Tapping the Conversation (1998)

Dub-infused downtempo electronic from London producer Kevin Martin. The beats are super laid-back, but everything else -- industrial screeches, dissonant reverberations, high-frequency drones, feedback, pitch-shifted voice samples, and the like -- is anything but. Put this on the next time you're conducting illegal espionage against a president-elect.

Track listing:
1. Harry's Theme
2. Invasion of Privacy
3. Countdown to Elimination
4. Those Tapes Are Dangerous
5. Bug Party
6. The Lift
7. Fake Auto Crash
8. Room 773
9. Seduction and Betrayal
10. The Director
11. Army
12. Nightmare Messenger
13. Twenty-Four Hour Surveillance

Thief of dreams

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  1. Nice choice, bad (or sick) guy! Of course, The Bug and Earth have just released a 2-LP collaboration. Hope to hear soon...