Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder (2001)

Abstract post-rock from a 13-piece band that includes members of Godspeed You Black Emperor! Following a brief, pretty intro of chiming guitars and strings, the album free-falls into a deep canyon of creaking instruments, amp noise, barely-there static, queasy drones, sparse percussion, and other generally unmusical sounds, and stays there for the next 14 minutes. Pretty major gauntlet being thrown down, and the rest of the album more than makes good on that promise.

Track listing:
1. 'I Will Be True...' (From Lips of Lying Dying Wonder Body #1) / Reign Rebuilder [Head]
2. Vienna Arcweld / Fucked Gamelan / Rigid Tracking
3. Steal Compass / Drive North / Disappear
4. Wild Dogs of the Thunderbolt / 'They Cannot Lock Me Up... I Am Eternally Free...' (From Lips of Lying Dying Wonder Body #2)
5. Omaha
6. There Is No Dance in Frequency and Balance
7. Côte d'Abrahams Roomtone / 'What's Going On?...' (From Lips of Lying Dying Wonder Body #3)
8. Love Song for 15 Ontario (w/ Singing Police Car)
9. Injur: Gutted Two-Track
10. When I First Get to Phoenix
11. Shit-Heap-Gloria of the New Town Planning
12. Jesus/Pop
13. Esquimalt Harbour
14. Two Tears in a Bucket
15. Fading Lights Are Fading... / Reign Rebuilder [Tail Out]

Mouths trapped in static

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