Friday, March 31, 2017

Cheater Slicks - Refried Dreams (1999)

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Fiery garage-punk nirvana. One of the few bands in existence who seem to have truly learned the lessons that Funhouse can teach us -- and it's not just the saxophone that comes in for the second half of the record. It's hard to pick a favorite Cheater Slicks album, cause they're all pretty much perfect, but Refried Dreams miiiiiight be mine.

Track listing:
1. In This Town
2. Another Stab
3. I Think I'm Coming Down
4. One Life Story
5. Munchen Gretchen
6. Refried Dreams
7. George Washington
8. Dejected Soul
9. Deep Beneath the Sand
10. Don't Poo Poo Me
11. Last Call

The oceans won't let me in

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  1. I'd say this album is a direct descendant of Sonic's Rendezvous Band. Thanks for this!

  2. Great record.
    One of the few rock bands who improved over time