Thursday, March 2, 2017

Flight - Excursion Beyond (1980)

Easy-goin', funky, synth-flavored fusion. Last week, this guy came into my work and sold his huge, awesome jazz/funk/disco collection, and this is one of like 10 records that I snagged from his buy. Thanks, dude!

Track listing:
1. Excursions Beyond
2. Music Razzmatazz
3. A Thing for Julie
4. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
5. The Rumble
6. Face to Face
7. Jett Lagg
8. Inca Innuendo

Visions of a dream

If you like this, give these a spin:
Caldera -
Time and Chance (1978)
Ian Carr's Nucleus -
Out of the Long Dark (1978)


  1. Looks like in your excitement you forgot to upload it.

  2. No link? In other news, this blog is one of my all time favorite...

  3. Is there any way to write other than comment? Anyway, good stuff man, thanks for the discerning taste.

    Also, judging from your picks, you may like this slept-on nighty-smoothy type album: (the first song has a long intro, let it ride...)

    1. Thanks for the recc, dude! I put my email at the top of the page just now, but I'll put it here too:

  4. you could base an entire vaporwave band on this album alone. nice. goes great with the Ramleh