Monday, March 20, 2017

Richard Thomas - Shoes and Radios Attract Paint (1998)

Abstract, jazz-informed electronic music from London-based producer Richard Thomas. Been on a major Squarepusher kick of late, and was reminded of Shoes and Radios Attract Paint while listening to the still-amazing Music Is Rotted One Note -- they're similar in spirit, if not necessarily sound.

Track listing:
1. The Horla / Occupying the Distance Shredder
2. Echo-Locator2
3. Darbytuff (Tempered)
4. Sumo Groupies / Antelope Valley High
5. Stanton Ductile Warrior
6. Valley of the Interlocking Spurs
7. Return to Pow-7
8. Gurl Trivia
9. Ordure Rechauffe
10. Waxy Flexibility (Part Three)

I am carnal and I know that you approve

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