Thursday, March 16, 2017

Screaming Corpses - A Different State of Consciousness (1987)

Raw industrial sound experiments from a band whose members would go on to form Maeror Tri and Troum. Fragmented, scatterbrained, and unsettling.

Track listing:
1. Sound (Tone X)
2. Aus für Sterne
3. Sound (Going Through Space)
4. I Am Broken
5. Sound (Lymphe)
6. I Kiss the Floor
7. Sound (The Opened Room)
8. The Loss of Mind
9. Sound (Splitting)
10. Lay Down and Die
11. Sound (Soughing of Brains)
12. The End Is Near
13. Sound (Dream of Sense)
14. Sound (Tone Y)
15. The World Breaks Down
16. Sound (Ultra-Perception)
17. Grateful Brains
18. Sound (The Arrival of Jesus)
19. Boundary to Insanity (Shortened Form)
20. Sound (To Petrify)
21. The End Is Near (Another Version)
22. Untitled

A little mad girl cut a cat

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