Saturday, January 7, 2017

Iman Omari - ESC Vol. II (2014)

A hazy, more-or-less non-stop mix of heavy-lidded instrumentals by LA producer Iman Omari. Just about as chill as is humanly possible. 25 minutes that just fall off the clock.

Track listing:
1. Small World
2. Mushroom Visuals
3. Jeep Eagles
4. Feels
5. Where Have You Been (Interlude) feat. JaVonté
6. Golden
7. Hillman (Lisa ßonet/1992)
8. Push
9. Deep
10. What Up?/¿Como Estan? (Remix for Quelle)
11. Untouchable feat. JaVonté
12. Designated Driver (Long Live Dilla)

Got my own place

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  1. Will check this out!
    Great link to the Nujabes album (that gets spun a lot here. Its a tragic shame that he passed)

    Just wondering if you have a copy of Deltron 3030 "Event II" (I think thats what its called) from 2013? It would be awesome if you can share that!

  2. Great post one of my favorite hip-hop producers thank you Dear Spirit