Thursday, April 23, 2020

Scarling. - Sweet Heart Dealer (2004)

This one goes out to the person on my followers list with Marilyn Manson as their profile pic -- I see you and I'm with you. Dark alt rock with sharp-edged, shoegaze-y guitars and the beguiling vocals of Jessicka Fodera, formerly of Manson affiliates Jack Off Jill. On Sweet Heart Dealer, Scarling. almost comes off as a grownup version of Jack Off Jill; in fact, the thick, distorted bass that opens the record directly recalls "American Made", the first track on JOJ's first album. The bitterness, heartbreak, and spookiness are still in place, along with the aggressive instrumentation and Fodera's willingness to shred her vocal cords. But it's altogether way more complex, more ethereal, and less angsty.

Track listing:
1. The Last Day I Was Happy
2. Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
3. Crispin Glover
4. Alexander the Burn Victim
5. Baby Dracula
6. Black Horse Riding Star
7. Can't (Halloween Valentine)

And I can't have fun
Makes me feel like nothing

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles - World of Bright Futures (1999)

No-Man - Together We're Stranger (2003)

Nocturnal, jazz-tinged melancholy from the eternally downcast Tim Bowness and company. A commenter on a post a while back asked if I could recommend anything in same vein as The Blue Nile, and if they're reading this now: aside from the lack of synths, this might scratch that itch.

Track listing:
World of Bright Futures
1. World of Bright Futures
2. Dreaming of Babylon
3. (Watching) Over Me
4. Sorry Looking Soldier
5. Two Hands
6. Red Eye Removal
7. Something of You
8. Lisa/Ophelia
9. Small
10. Smaller
Live Disc
1. Come to Me
2. Never Lose Control
3. Something of You
4. Sweet Kiss
5. Brightest Blue

They're touching
Touching each other
They push and move
And love each other
They fit together like two hands

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Snowy Red - The Right to Die (1982)

What's up y'all? What's been going on? Me? Pretty much just been kickin' it around the crib. Here's some sinister Belgian minimal wave/synth pop that you could maybe throw on to try and stave off the boredom/creeping anxiety.

Track listing:
1. Euroshima (Wardance)
2. Nowhere
3. I'm Hurt
4. Never Alive
5. Relax
6. Opium
7. Lies in Your Eyes
8. Madman
9. The Right to Die

How funny are those explosions

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