Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow (1991)

Japan - Adolescent Sex (1978)
David Sylvian & Holger Szukay - Plight & Premonition (1988) + Flux & Mutability (1989)
David Sylvian - Approaching Silence (1999)
David Sylvian - Blemish (2003)

Rain Tree Crow was all four members of Japan, reunited under a new moniker to signify the more experimental direction that they'd taken. Their one-off album is an absolute masterpiece of shimmering, slowburning art rock, and possibly my favorite album David Sylvian's ever been a part of, which, considering he's one of my favorite musicians, is really saying something.

Track listing:
1. Big Wheels in Shanty Town
2. Every Colour You Are
3. Rain Tree Crow
4. Red Earth (As Summertime Ends)
5. Pocket Full of Change
6. Boat's for Burning
7. New Moon at Red Deer Wallow
8. Blackwater
9. A Reassuringly Dull Sunday
10. Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City
11. Scratchings on the Bible Belt
12. Cries and Whispers
13. I Drink to Forget

I put no trust in milestones

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  1. Thanks paisà!
    Long time ago I used to listen a pirated k7 of this album ad nausea..
    Thanks, yr blog stands amongst the best.

  2. Yes! You wouldn't happen to have mp3s of "Same", would you?

    1. Brilliant album this. I also recommend "Snow Bourne Sorrow" by Nine Horses.

  3. Hi,

    is it possible to reupload this? I've always loved "Blackwater".