Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dictator - Dysangelist (2008)

Blackened funeral doom from Cyprus. Blown-out, layered, and extremely repetitive, with simple piano lines, atmospheric synth, and utterly tortured-sounding vocals.

Track listing:
1. Dysangelist
2. Sanctus
3. Monolithos
4. Phantom Cenotaphium

Dissolution of flesh

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  1. This album deserves soooo much more credit than the obscurity in which it's languished for the past decade. I was so FUCKING excited for this to come out in 2008, having had contacts in Cyprus rip the two preceding demos for me in the years leading up to it. Majestic, foreboding, SAD doom metal. God damn, Alex Dictator is a master of the genre. I hope he makes more funeral doom one day.

  2. Please reupload this one, if you could.