Monday, January 22, 2018

Jobriath - Creatures of the Street (1974)

A weird genius, lost to the ages. Theatrical, piano-driven glam that's somewhere between Bowie and Big Star. Until a few months ago, I had never even fucking heard of Jobriath or this record, and it's so far up my alley it's probably gonna get stuck up there. I'm pissed. ONE OF YOU IS FIRED.

Track listing:
1. Heartbeat
2. Dietrich/Fondyke (A Brief History of Movie Music)
3. Street Corner Love
4. Ooh La La
5. Scumbag
6. Ecubyan
7. Good Times
8. Sister Sue
9. What a Pretty
10. Liten Up
11. Gone Tomorrow
12. Ooh La La (Reprise and Exit Music)

A star shot across the sky and smiled

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  1. Read a magazine article about this guy yeeeears ago (maybe MOJO?) but never got around to listening to him, so many thanks for this.

    Spoiler alert: his story had a really sad end, but what an important figure in glam, rock in general and LGBT culture... should be as well known as Bowie, so thanks again for the post. Balls of pure steel, Jobriath.

    1. Yeah I read that same article. I'm sure there was also an article in Vive Le Rock about lost glam bands/artists

  2. Never heard of Jobriath? Hmm....Here's his first record:

  3. I once saw an interview he gave not long before his death. Seemed like a really nice guy.

  4. The two latter-day releases can be found here -

    It's creepy to note that both he and Klaus Nomi died of AIDS-related illness two days apart in NYC in 1983...