Sunday, January 14, 2018

Au.Ra - Jane's Lament (2015)

Hazy but lively shoegaze/dream pop for laying in bed all day. Gorgeous interwoven guitars, understated vocals, and woozy melodies.

Track listing:
1. Morning
2. Sun
3. Pyramid
4. You're on My Mind
5. Juki
6. Spare the Thought
7. Talk Show
8. Ease
9. Width
10. Jane's Lament
11. Alone In

All that there is

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  1. Hey man, I've been listening to this incessantly since you posted it. Thank you for this recommendation.
    A band named Holy Fawn just released an incredible album of beautiful, crushing music and I hope that this site gives you notifications because I figured that this would be the best spot to recommend it to you. Happy listening and positive vibes to you and yours.