Friday, January 12, 2018

Projekt Karpaty Magiczne - Ethnocore (1999)

Ritualistic, tribal sounds fused with elements of experimental electronic, psych rock, and avant-garde jazz. Ethnocore is a mind-melting listening experience that overcomes its clunky title through shear force of excellence and insanity.

Track listing:
1. Opowieść Ragany / The Ragana's Story
2. Ethnocore
3. One Mother
4. Jojk Urdego Wierchu / Urdy Wierch Joik
5. Bluff
6. Zaginione Plemię / The Lost Tribes Song
7. Kołysanka Dla "Tęczowego Wojownika" / Lullaby for "Rainbow Warrior"
8. Karpaty Magiczne / The Magic Carpathians
9. Góry Nad Chmurami / The Moutains Over Clouds
10. Nagual Vydunas
11. Kołysanka Dla "Tęczowego Wojownika" - Live

No one ever believes me

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