Friday, January 19, 2018

The Martian – LBH-6251876 (A Red Planet Compilation) (1999)

Spaced-out techno from Detroit producer Mike Banks. Collects tracks from various EPs released between 1992 and 1997, plus one previously unreleased jimmy. Most space-themed music gently drifts about between the stars, but The Martian is in a fast, compact spaceship, and it sounds like he's got someplace to be.

Track listing:
1. Comet LBH-6251876
2. Lost Transmissions from Earth
3. Sex in Zero Gravity
4. Stardancer
5. Journey to the Martian Polar Cap
6. Ultraviolet Images
7. Skypainter
8. Windwalker
9. Voice of Grandmother
10. Search Your Feelings
11. Firekeeper
12. Soulshine

You know it to be true

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  1. Never cease to amaze me the stuff you post. Admitted I like the electronica, psych and jazz over the black metal BUT you certainly choose the odd stuff to post. I believe the title of the recording relates to Alien perhaps the planet the Nostromo lands on. In any case thanks a bunch for the ceaseless effort to stimulate the earlobes of us music addicts!