Thursday, January 11, 2018

Foscor - Entrance to the Shadows' Village (2004)

Spanish black metal. Majestic, evil, and passionate, with some ever-so-subtle folk melodic elements. Considering this killer debut and their consistently excellent, increasingly progressive output since, it's truly puzzling that Foscor isn't underground-big yet.

Track listing:
1. Vers la Foscor
2. Inferus (Dungeons and Caves)
3. Lunar Landscapes
4. Old Wind's Revenge
5. Ravens of Battle
6. Al Cor de la Boscuria
7. The Sorrow of Delight
8. Entrance to the Shadows' Village

Engraved symbols on the black stone of the stars
Abysmal mysticism in the learnt scripture

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  1. Their last album was released by Season of Mist, not bad for a band whose lyrics now are entirely in Catalonian language. My faves are "Groans to the Guilty" and maybe the last one, "Les Irreals Visions". Great band, always evolving.

    As a curiosity, the guitar player has a side project named Soul Aside which is good, but more (alt) rock oriented with a touch of prog. Worth checking out.

  2. Please update the link! This is amazing.