Monday, December 5, 2016

Belenos - Errances Oniriques (2001)

God-tier French Pagan solo black metal. Beautiful, vicious, and battle-ready, Errancies Oniriques deserves consideration as one of the all-time great black metal debuts. Not the most obscure record I've posted here by any means, but I've been on a serious Belenos kick as of late (kicked off by their awe-inspiring new album, Kornôg) and, as I've said before, if this introduces even just one person to this band, it was worth it.

Track listing:
1. Morfondu
2. Errances Oniriques
3. Suppôt du Néant
4. Voyage Subliminal
5. Le Domaine des Songes (Act 2)
6. En Quête d'Immortalité
7. Le Dernier Pas
8. Interlude
9. Dernière Rencontre

Where tranquility shines

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  1. Not obscure but I had forgotten about them after a hard drive crash a few years ago. Thanks!

  2. Consider it worth it. Ive only been getting into black metal over the last couple years so theres A LOT thats still new to me. This is goddamn fantastic. Thank you once again

  3. I've been a Loic Cellier fan since 2007, when a friend introduced me to Asyndess. He's definitey one of the more creative minds in black metal. :)

  4. This did introduce me to this project, very much appreciated! Big fan of this blog also, first place I come to find awesome new music nowadays.