Sunday, December 4, 2016

Najma - Qareeb (1987)

First LP from Indian vocalist Najma Akhtar. A lush, evocative instrumental base of tabla, fretless bass, violin, sax, and synth, with Najma's effortlessly commanding voice front-and-center.

Track listing:
1. Neend Koyi
2. Jane Kis Tarha
3. Dil Laga Ya Tha
4. Apne Hathon
5. Zikar Hai Anna Mehfil Mehfil
6. Karoon Na Yad Magar
7. Har Sitam Aap Ka

End of fever

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  1. As a weekend-ender, this is Hitting. The. Damn. Spot.

  2. Wouaou, Thank for this album. Looking for it for a long time. Any possibility to get her third album Atish ?
    Thanks for your great job
    By the way I am looking also for years for the first album of Anna Palm arriving caught up.
    Thanks in advance

  3. i have this on vinyl deep in storage and had forgotten about it. love this record. sometime between '06 and '08, i was on her mailing list and communicated with her via email. then she went to either afganistan or pakistan, i can't remember at the moment, after a massive earthquake to volunteer. she expressed concerns about the taliban etc, then completely stopped communicating. just did a search and am glad to find that she returned safely. thanks for posting this.