Thursday, December 22, 2016

Air Formation - Daylight Storms (2007)

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More widescreen, lovelorn shoegaze from England's sadly defunct Air Formation. A massive, warm cloud of guitar and synth hovering over a patient rhythm section and subtly emotive vocals. Breaks my heart every time.

Track listing:
1. Cold Morning
2. Tidal
3. Daylight Storms
4. I Can't Remember Waking Up
5. Into View
6. Formation One
7. You Have to Go Somewhere
8. Adrift
9. The Dark Has Fallen
10. Before We Forget

The feeling when it stops

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  1. My favorite Shoegaze band and Cold Morning, Daylight Storms and The Dark Has Fallen are three of my favorite Shoegaze tracks of all time. Anybody who likes Shoegaze, and melodic, dreamy, drift away guitar noise, should check out this band.