Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Resuscitator - Iniciation (1993)

Early US black metal with strong doom/death undertones. Primitive and sloppy, just the way Satan likes it.

Track listing:
1. Father of Obscurity
2. Iniciation
3. Black Funeral
4. Servants of the Darkest Throne
5. Grant Us the Passage
6. Legions from the Past

Inherit the wisdom of darkness

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  1. Mandatory! Acheron and Hades, too!

  2. I didn't know what Resuscitator ‎– Iniciation L.P. was when I bought and wasn't even sure who the band was, but it looked evil and was in the used bin and Record City, gave it a spin and dug it

  3. Really difficult to find this one. Thanks my friend