Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kay Gardner - A Rainbow Path (1984)

Beautiful aural meditations by American composer Kay Gardner. Rich, kaleidoscopic sounds sprung from chamber orchestras that include harp, sitar, timpani, vibraphone, violin, viola, oboe, French horn, and a colorful array of other instruments. Truly gorgeous stuff.

Track listing:
1. Processional: Root Chakra (Saraswali Raga in C)
2. Dorian Hills: Belly Chakra (Aeolian/Dorian Modes in D)
3. Awakening: Solar Plexus Chakra (Dorian Mode in E)
4. Greenwood: Heart Chakra (Lesbian Mode in F#)
5. Castle in the Mist: Throat Chakra (Ionian/Lydian Modes in G)
6. See My Wings Shining: Brow/3rd Eye Chakra (Six-Note Minor Mode in A)
7. Soaring: Crown Chakra (Whole Tone/Melodic Minor Scales in B)
8. Fountain of Light: Transpersonal Chakra (First Through Fourth Octave H)

Touching souls

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  1. "Lesbian Mode in E#".... hilarious! I mean.... you'd never say something's "in E#", you'd say it's "in F"!

    1. Yes, on a "well-tempered" keyboard perhaps, but with instruments that have flexible tuning you can totally have an E# . Check this out here:

      Btw Dear Spirit, what a fantastic album!

    2. Yup, E# makes no sense, whoopsy-daisy. Great teamwork y'all!

  2. Also, after checking on the original album cover it actually says F#. A typo it is. Cheers

  3. Very nice. Thank you!

  4. This is fantastic! Thanks for the upload.

  5. This is absolutely a find. Thank you.