Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Adam Bohman - Last Orders (1997)

Densely layered, organic-sounding, experimental drone/noise. An aural tapestry of scraping, clattering, buzzing, shrieking, pulsing, and zapping that makes me feel like I'm being attacked by a mob of sentient lawn sprinklers, megaphones, and violins.

Track listing:
1. Burgundy Barrage
2. Parsnip Soup Surrender
3. Reisling Riots
4. Jaguar and Ocelot Conflagration
5. Gherkin
6. Chardonnay Charades
7. Days of Sand and Shovels
8. Claret Catacombs

Troops move through the undergrowth

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  1. Great post! I have alot of Bohman on cassette and not a stinker in the bunch.