Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hadez - Aquelarre (1993)

Phenomenal Peruvian black/death. Dark, doom-tinged ritual dissonance and chaotic blasting/tremolo picking, with a bestial choir of growls and shrieks, and extended passages of cavernous dark ambient. Aquelarre is a lost classic of unhinged, Satanic misanthropy, and you will be an eviler and grosser person for having listened to it -- which, obviously, is what we all want. Essential.

Track listing:
1. Intro / Human Extinction
2. A Cult to the Everlasting Badness
3. Intro / Form Designed to Be Evil
4. Little Known Abomination
5. A Sect at the End of the Abyss
6. Intro / Dark Language of a Supreme God
7. Drunk with the Saint's Blood
8. The Oracle of the Bleeding Head
9. Aquelarre
10. The End

Against the fucking saints
He is authority now

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