Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dead Reptile Shrine - Isth Narai Ja (2002)

Hey kids! Guess what time it is! It's... almost 6 A.M. and I'm still up. And high! What about you? Have you been fucked up all night, and you're finally getting tired, so you want some music that'll make you feel as though you are becoming one with the black, unknowable void as you drift off into restless unconsciousness??

Well, you're in luck! Here's some Finnish dark ambient/drone. When Dead Reptile Shrine make black metal, it's really fucking bizarre, totally unique, and probably impossible to sleep to -- I'll prob post some of that soon -- but Isth Narai Ja, their first full-length, is all cavernous atmospheres; sparse, abstract guitars and keyboards; eerie tape loops; and wordless, ritualistic singing.

Track listing:
1. My Ancient Underworld Throne
2. The Spirit Catcher (Aaveen Pyydystys Kellarissa)
3. Deathstar Antenna

Rotting flesh laid on altar

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  1. Do you have Praise Cemetary or The Sun Of Circles And Wood?

  2. I have them both, enjoy: