Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mactätus - Blot (1997)

There's been a distinct lack of True Norwegian Black Metal™ 'round here of late, so let's fix that. Blot is one of many records released post-In the Nightside Eclipse that were deeply indebted to that album's sound, so if you, like me, love early Emperor and don't mind a lack of originality, then hop in, baby.

Track listing:
1. Black Poetry
2. Sorgvinter
3. Kunst Kristendom
4. Et Kaldi Rike
5. I Trollriket
6. Vandring
7. Når et Kristent Liv er Fortapt
8. Hat og Kulde

The spirit from the old trees

More stuff that'll remind you of In the Nightside Eclipe:
Setherial -
Nord... (1996)
Sorhin - I Det Glimrande
Mörkrets Djup

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