Saturday, July 16, 2016

RAH Band - Going Up (1983)

Airy, funky synthpop/disco from English producer/project mastermind Richard Anthony Hewson. They're all winners, but the super-smooth "Perfumed Garden (With Scented Strings)" is particularly mixtape-worthy -- goddamn I love that song. Makes me wanna get some neon tights and a perm, than do a bunch of cocaine.

Track listing:
1. Messages from the Stars
2. Roll Me Down to Rio
3. Perfumed Garden (With Scented Strings)
4. Hunger for Your Jungle Love '83
5. Same the Samba Man
6. Winter Love
7. Tears and Rain
8. Two Bodies
9. Party Games
10. Riding on a Fantasy

You must be from another galaxy

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