Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chainsaw Dissection - Human Internecion (2004)

One-man brutal death metal/goregrind from the good ol' US of A. Butt-simple, shit-heavy riffage, low growls, and a drum machine. As pure and simplistic as any death metal I've come across -- it's like dude heard Mortician and thought, "I love it, but it's a bit too tech-y." As far as my tastes are concerned, this is the absolute pinnacle of death metal; as far as most other people (including death metal fans) are concerned, this barely qualifies as music.

Track listing:
1. Head Blown Off
2. Butchers of the Damned
3. Inflicting Pain
4. Skull Grinder
5. Virgin Hecatomb
6. Blood Addiction
7. Hate Driven Murders
8. Gruesome Body Art
9. Feast of the Mutants
10. Hounds of Hell
11. Embalmed with Acid
12. Corpse Ripper
13. Bone Dust
14. Heaps of Flesh
15. A Family Massacred
16. Dismembered
17. Cannibal Undertaker
18. Spilling Guts
19. Dawn of the Slasher
20. Eating Dead Females


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