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Skinny Puppy - Brap (Back & Forth Vol. 3 & 4) (1996)

The Tear Garden - Tired Eyes Slowly Burning (1987)
Download - Furnace (1995)

Surely Skinny Puppy needs no introduction. The first of Brap's two discs compiles early Skinny Puppy home recordings, and while they are experimental, largely instrumental, and somewhat lo-fi, it all comes across as very well-thought out and artistically polished, and would make an excellent entry point for fans of early industrial and more far-out sounds.

The second disc, composed largely of live recordings, is less essential, but the era from which most of these recordings are drawn (between Too Dark Park and Last Rights) was an undeniable artistic high point.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Jackhammer
2. Splasher
3. Double Cross
4. Yo Yo Scrape
5. Carry
6. Guilty
7. The Soul That Creates
8. Brap
9. Sparkless
10. Dead Doll
11. Deadlines
12. Last Call
-Disc Two-
1. Uranus Cancelled
2. All Eyes
3. Reclamation
4. Spasmolytic
5. Grave Wisdom
6. Tin Omen
7. Gods Gift
8. Convulsion
9. Nature's Revenge
10. Love in Vein
11. Tfwo
12. Left Handshake

Human heart attack

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