Friday, July 1, 2016

Richard Burmer - Mosaic (1984)

Synth-y new age perfection. Synthesizer, vocoder, sax, flute, lil' bit of singing here and there, hella relaxing. Yes, that's how the cover is supposed to look, and yes, there is a song called "Solarsex".

Track listing:
1. Physics
2. Solarsex
3. Winter on the Wind
4. Riverbend
5. The Serum
6. '88
7. Ave Pladeaelio
8. The Hill
9. Under Shaded Water
10. Lamento Di Tristan
11. Ela-A (Theme No. 2)


More along these lines:
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  1. Thanks for the add mate.You've got a lot of stuff to check out here.
    Keep up the good work, cheers!

  2. Great stuff. Never would have heard of Burmer if not for this post -- which is strange because I listen to his contemporaries (like Suzanne Ciani). Anyway, thanks for the post.