Friday, July 29, 2016

Hilt - Call the Ambulance (Before I Hurt Myself) (1989)

The first album from this experimental, electro-industrial Skinny Puppy side project. Sounds like a more guitar/rock-oriented, still totally fucked-up SP. People seem to get mad when I post stuff like this -- for instance, check out the comments on this Front Line Assembly post, keeping in mind that I didn't publish the one that called me a faggot and told me to kill myself -- so really, I can't post enough of it. Enjoy, you bitter, bitter men.

Track listing:
1. Hilter
2. Stoneman
3. Down on Mommy's Farm
4. Baby Fly Away
5. Let's Fall Out
6. Get Stuck
7. Septic
8. I'm Standing on the Rim
9. Back to Insanity
10. Jah Mon Rasta
11. Come Alive
12. Smut Peddler (Blender Licker)
13. Get Out of the Grave Alan
14. Young Hearts
15. Squeltch
16. Wood Soup

'D' is for death

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  1. Fuck em. I grew up in the 90s and this stuff was everywhere. I miss those days. That was godflesh and ministrys heyday. If youre feeling up to feeling some serious wrath from readers you should post argyle park. Christian industrial (not preachy though) with a bit of metal thrown in. One of the eras best albums. You should post some :wumpscut:. Electronic/industrial music doesn't get any better or darker than that

    1. Oh I have something planned, this is just the beginning. Although I'm getting a unanimously positive response on this one, and one of the commenters of the FLA post just clarified that their comments were directed at another commenter, so not sure how many people I'll be pissing off. Holy shit, thanks for reminding me about :wumpscut, haven't heard them in like 15 years -- so fucking good!!

    2. Love that spoken word track from Thirwell on the Argyle Park cd. Actually the first Circle of Dust cd is pretty damn good too..

  2. Specialization is for insects. Who cares what zombies (don't think). Cheers!

  3. No, this is a great LP! In my book this ranks high! Have this on cassette so, I haven't heard it in a long time!
    Refrain from killing yourself! You're the person that helped end my 40 year search for Einzelgänger by Giorgio Moroder!

  4. This is an OK record. Not my fave, but not horrible. For me that time was all about Severed Heads...

  5. If you're getting hate mail, then you are doing something right. If I wanted to hear music that sounded the same all the time, I'd listen to the radio like the vast majority of mindless drones. Keep up the great sounds!

  6. i have wumpscut's embryodead on cd, if you need it, ds?
    "wumpscut": for some reason, i find the name hilarious! ;)

  7. You post whatever you want, it's YOUR blog. I always see stuff here that i don't like, I'll just scroll down.... Keep up, you're awesome, fuck the haters. Cheers, mate!

  8. i feel like we did horrible things in some of our other lives together while fueled by a drug induced haze as i discover all this dismal, sometimes disgusting, always beautifully depraved music from you.
    positive vibes.

  9. This is completely unknown to me. Looking forward to hearing it. Many thanks.