Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ghost - Ghost (1991)

Self-titled first album from Japanese underground psych gods Ghost. Easy-breezy, pastoral folk, kaleidoscopic garage rock, shimmering psych ballads, and droning, drugged-out dissonance, with a richly diverse instrumental palette to match. So, so, so much better than the fucking Swedish Ghost (aka Ghost B.C.) who I now regret even bringing up.

Track listing:
1. Sun Is Tangging
2. Guru in the Echo
3. Moungod Te Deum
4. I've Been Flying
5. Ballad of Summer Rounder
6. Moungod Asleep
7. Moungod Radiant Youth
8. Rakshu

First drop of the sea

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  1. Very cool. Many thanks!

  2. Yes! Ghost is the best. Thank you for sharing this! (and I agree, they are a million times better than that awful awful metal band)

  3. I like both Ghost's(well, I like the Euro ones first record.),I have also seen both band's live and enjoyed their sets.

  4. There's also a British hiphop project called Ghost. Whadda surprise...
    Anyway, thx for posting this one! So hard to find due to ungoogleable name. Any more Ghost would be much appreciated. — sppz

  5. british 2-step or proto dubstep featuring el-b you mean

  6. There's a 7" featuring a *very* different take on "Guru in the Echo" b/w "Moungod Air Cave" that is well worth your time too -- concludes with an off-the-chain guitar solo that sounds like a million celestial bong-hits, or something...