Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Drunk Dad - Ripper Killer (2014)

Debaucherous grunge/noise rock/hardcore from Portland, OR. (Seeing as how grunge encompasses noise rock and hardcore, I guess you could just call them a grunge band.) Harsh, heavy, and completely miserable, yet... fun?

Track listing:
1. Five Pack
2. Life's Work
3. Fuck in Garbage
4. Light a Fire
5. S.O.U.
6. Ripper Killer
7. Worthless
8. Whiskey Liver

Useless and dumb

Also listen to:
Tad -
God's Balls (1989)
Fudge Tunnel -
Hate Songs in E Minor (1991)


  1. Warning...when I DL'ed this file I got one of those horrible fake scam virus warnings.

    1. That is weird. I have had the files on my comp for over a year w no issues, just put em in a folder, zipped it, and ULed it. If anyone else has this issue please let me know

    2. Not the file itself, that was fine, When the page opened and the DL dialog box appeared, another tab opened and that was the problem. One of those phony "your computer has been compromised call a specialist at..." kind of deals. Had to kill the browser in task manager to close it. Not a virus, nothing installed on machine, strictly a browser thing designed to scare less savvy users.

    3. Same poster again, really cool album BTW!

    4. OH I gotcha. Sorry bout that. Yeah, I've seen that before on Zippyshare, maybe I'll switch to another filesharing site

  2. I downloaded no problem. It probably came from zippyshare itself. Popups are getting really bad on there

  3. NO! Zippy is the best. But here is where you have to really understand the TERROR of the pop-under ad... Zippy is free. FREE. So, how do these guys possibly make any money to pay for a monster installation of servers to handle the zillions of files? They decided to monetize the download dialog. You click the link, you get the download link, but, now, zippy pushes a web page in a separate tab page. THE HORROR. Just close the fucking window and it goes away. But, I know, for most people, you just gotta click on everything. Dummies.