Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Low - Songs for a Dead Pilot (1997)

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Songs for a Dead Pilot is arguably Low's most challenging release. It was recorded at home and has an analogue warmth of sound, but it's also pretty dry, making the quiet intensity of songs like "Born by the Wires" (hope you like that guitar chord!) and "Landlord" all the more oppressive. It's not all heavy, though -- "Will the Night" is as bright and weightless as can be, and despite its depressing subject matter, "Be There" could soothe the most feverish brow.

Track listing:
1. Will the Night
2. Condescend
3. Born by the Wires
4. Be There
5. Landlord
6. Hey Chicago

I don't wanna be there when you're wrong
I don't wanna be there when you find out
I don't wanna be there when you break glass
And I don't wanna be there when they drag you out

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  1. Low is the best band in the goddamn universe. I want to get a new doom metal band going just so we can cover Landlord.

    1. You should just do a doom metal Low cover band. "Landlord", "Lust", "I Am the Lamb", "Lullaby"... so much potential! Do that, and send me what you come up with, please.

    2. "Cut"! "Shots and Ladders"! "Anon"! "Days Of"!