Tuesday, July 26, 2016

London Aircraaft - Rockets (1984)

Supermax - World of Today (1977)

First and only album from little-known German disco group London Aircraaft. It's more or less a solo album by Supermax bassist Larry London that's produced and largely written by Supermax bandleader/mastermind Kurt Hauenstein, and though it's more straightforward than their main project, it'll still put the boogie in your butt.

Track listing:
1. Island Feeling
2. Brighter Day
3. Changes
4. Angie
5. Supergirls
6. Rocket in My Pocket
7. Calculator
8. Dancing on a High Wire
9. Watch Out
10. No More Tears
11. Soldiers of the Night [bonus]
12. Boulevard [bonus]
13. We Are the Highlights [bonus]

In my book, you're number one

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  1. Hey dude, love your blog. Was wondering, how would I go about making one like this myself? Thanks for any reply!

    1. Try Googling, "How to create your own blog". Hope that helps.

    2. Hey Michael. Just go to blogger.com, they make it extremely easy to use, you don't really have to know anything -- I pretty much know jack shit. Just fuck around until you figure it out. Googling some really basic HTML, like how to make a link, couldn't hurt.

      Beyond that, my only piece of advice would be to avoid posting brand-new releases. Bands/labels are still actively trying to sell them so A) it's not nice, and B) you'll get a bunch of copyright infringement notifications, and your blog will be deleted.