Monday, March 21, 2016

Adrian Gurvitz - Sweet Vendetta (1979)

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Adrian Gurvitz - Il Assassino (1980)

More soft, airy disco from Adrian Gurvitz. It's like ELO dancing under a mirrorball with Toto.

Track listing:
1. Untouchable and Free
2. The Wonder of It All
3. Put a Little Love (In Life's Heart)
4. Love Space
5. The Way I Feel
6. Time Is Endless
7. I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head
8. Free Ride
9. One More Time
10. Drifting Star [bonus]

Life's still waiting for you

These are pretty great, too:
Colin Blunstone - One Year (1971) + 3 more
Wayne Henderson - Emphasized (1979)


  1. Why does he have to look so tough with his album names/covers? Did cocaine and disco have this effect on everyone?

    I guess I should be bothering Google and not you with these questions...

    Life altering blog by the way, many thanks.

  2. this is fantastic, thanks amigo

  3. "ELO dancing under a mirrorball with Toto."

    That's me hooked. And he looked like an irritable Geography lecturer with it.

    Thanks a lot.