Friday, March 18, 2016

Stutthof - And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust (2004)

Greek black metal. Melodic tremolo picking, astral synths, and a few well-chosen symphonic samples produce a sense of epic, melancholic grandeur that's at odds with the band's moniker (look it up if you want the cold, ugly truth.)

Track listing:
1. An Invocation to Those Who Have Risen
2. Wampyric Metamorphosis
3. The Horned Moon
4. Crossing the Ninth Gate to the Kingdom of Shadows
5. Dragon the Great One
6. The Breaking of the Seventh Seal

Mighty child of the dragon

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  1. Stutthof - it was a name of german-nazi death camp located in village Sztutowo near Gdańsk in 1939, there was prisoned up to 130 000 people, in this number 65 000 was murdered. Nowadays this is a Memory Monument. Please be careful with Your posts. Some of them may by not apropiate for many of Your readers.

  2. Continuing my comment - please see this:

    1. Yup, that's why I recommended that people Google it. They definitely aren't a Nazi band, in that they write only about Satan and space and shit like that. Can't explain why they chose that for a name -- I'm guessing that they did it to push buttons. Furthermore, I could not give less of a shit what you consider 'appropriate' for 'my readers.' If you're really bothered by the fact that I'm OK with posting something like this, I would recommend not visiting my blog anymore, but I'm definitely not going to alter my policy regarding sketchy black metal. Also, this is an argument I've had many, many times, on the internet and out there in the world, so this is gonna be the end of it. Any attempts to continue our boring conversation will be brutally, unforgivingly censored.

    2. you got one of the greatest blogs I veever seen in my life to be honest...and thank you for the musicyopu have provided!! as far as i am concerned your views are far away fron nazism judging from previews revews. Unfortunately being Greek myself I can assure you that the band is quite nazi oriented, with at least one member organized in Golden dawn ( the Greek right wing party).However, ou are doing a great job!! keep on slaying!!

    3. Thanks man! To clarify: By "not a nazi band" I meant that the band itself doesn't deal with nazi stuff, regardless of what the members do outside of the band. That's certainly unfortunate to hear, though.