Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blood Stained Dusk - Dirge of Death's Silence (2001)

US black metal. From Alabama, of all places. I could try to tell you how it sounds, but I'd be ignoring the elephant in the room if I didn't mention up front that it's clearly, heavily influenced by Emperor -- specifically, In the Nightside Eclipse. Regardless, Dirge of Death's Silence is fucking ace, and one of the more underrated USBM records.

Track listing:
1. Moon Behind the Storm
2. Bringer of Everlasting Damnation
3. Renounce the Dawn
4. The Infernal Braise
5. Vastland of the Empire Lost
6. Ganguinas Bath - The Blood I Follow
7. Funeral of Lamentation

Awakened visions bringing forth the end

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