Sunday, March 20, 2016

Horrors of the Black Museum - Gold from the Sea (2008)

Fucking Christ, this is good. I have never heard doom metal that sounds quite like this. For one, the no-guitars, all-bass approach results in a tone much like that of Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins. And it's so densely mixed, like a warm pit of black sludge out of which periodically echo synths, samples, and epic harmonized vocals. I don't know. As you'd guess from the album cover, there's a bit of camp involved, but it's the irony-free, cryptic evil kind.

[EDIT: The vocalist for this band commented to clarify that there are no guitars, just bass on this recording, and that the Eibon crew had already split off before this recording was made. Just sloppily edited the writeup with this info in mind.]

Track listing:
1. The Voodoo That You Do
2. Dead Men Shed No Tears
3. Hiding Mask
4. Gold from the Sea

We like to get fucked up and do fucked up shit

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  1. Some serious doom right there with a top notch dario argento-style intro.

  2. I've only heard the first track and am already taken. Awesome. My initial reaction was Candlemass meets Black Sabbath and they get on quite well. The potent production helps deliver the goods too. Much thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I was the vocalist on this release. I just wanted to mention that there were no guitars in Horrors Of The Black Museum, only bass tracks were used. Also, we had already parted ways with the Eibon crew before we started working on this album. We were doing this while they were writing their debut... Two fully separate bands although we did play together at some point.

    1. Hey, thanks for letting me know, I just edited my crappy writeup. Congrats on being a part of this record -- truly stellar stuff.

  4. No problem, thanks for sharing our music! Really dig your blog and the vast array of music in there. Cheers.