Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wrath of the Weak - Solace (2010)

After two albums of claustrophobic, discordant black metal, Wrath of the Weak took an unexpected turn with Solace, abandoning black metal for monolithic pieces consisting of gorgeous, heavy, textural, massively layered walls of guitar. There are drums in there somewhere, buried deep in the mix, and some vocals now and then, but overall, Solace has a lot more in common with Skullflower than Xasthur.

Also: Wrath of the Weak released a new EP a couple weeks back, and you can get it (for pay-as-you-will) right here. I highly recommend doing that, as it's one of the best black metal records of the year so far.

Track listing:
1. The Sad Truth, the Dirty Lowdown
2. Three Forty One
3. Sweet Virgin Summer
4. Function Generator
5. We Made Worlds Together...

Light streaming in through the cracks in the door

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  1. Great stuff.
    Speaking of their earlier Black Metal records, do you like Velvet Cacoon?

    1. Oh hell yes. Phenomenal band. Some of the first 'artsy' black metal I ever heard.