Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cavity - Supercollider (1999)

An old fave of mine -- I can't conceive of how many bonghits I've taken while listening to this record -- Supercollider finds a heavy-and-stoned-as-fuck middle ground somewhere between Holy Mountain and Blaze of Incompetence. Given the band's connections to the much-hyped Torche and Floor, I'd really expect Supercollider to have gotten its due by now.

Track listing:
1. Supercollider
2. Set in Cinders
3. Taint and Abandon
4. Inside My Spine
5. Threshold
6. Black Snake
7. Damaged IV
8. How Much Lost
9. Last of the Final Goodbyes
10. Almost Blue

Human abjection

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  1. Yep, this record is EPIC.
    I've spent many a braincell as well listening to this!
    Nice one.

  2. They're reuniting for a couple of shows, I heard, so that should definitely generate some interest, again, hopefully. Superb band.