Thursday, March 10, 2016

Craig Padilla - Crystal Garden (1999) + The Edge of Eternity (1999)

Less than a week ago, I said to my lady something along the lines of, "Not to jinx it, but I can't believe I haven't gotten sick yet this winter." Today, I am proud to tell you: I am a stupid, sick dumbass. Been in bed all day blowing my nose, hawking loogies, drinking cough syrup, and getting lost in shimmering worlds of synthesizer.

Track listing:
1. Starflight
2. Reborn
3. The Lost Whale
4. Distant Memories
5. Celestial Rings
6. Crystal Garden

Time melts

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  1. Wow again flabbergasted is an understatement! After the sellout of these two releases where impossible to find. Ive been looking for years. All I can say is thanks! Padilla tho not a Klaus Schulze makes really great electronic music!

  2. get sick more often - i love shimmering synth worlds!
    thanks and feel better!

  3. Nothing like trippin' on some Nyquil

  4. First of all: THANK YOU for all the music! I've been thoroughly enjoying your selection!

    Secondly: I wanted to ask if you would have Edge of Eternity on 320kbps? <3

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't rip this, so whatever I posted is the highest quality I could find.