Monday, March 21, 2016

HKY - HKY (2009)

HKY's self-titled debut EP applies some elements of pretty-boy post-metal to heeeeavy, ugly drone doom a la Buried at Sea (wtf I thought I had posted Migration, apparently not [EDIT: now I have!]) and the results are pretty goddamn spectacular.

Track listing:
1. Monument Inversion
2. Curve and Abundance
3. In Worship Facing the Ruins
4. Heaven Sent Anvil

The path of withered corpses

After you're done with HKY, pack another bowl and listen to:
Sailors with Wax Wings -
Sailors with Wax Wings (2010)
Septic Mind -
Начало (2010)


  1. File expired, and it seems pretty difficult to find this album elsewhere... and it sounds very curious to listen to....