Friday, March 11, 2016

David Torn - What Means Solid, Traveller? (1996)

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Experimental fusion from guitarist David Torn. Torn always reminds me of Steve Tibbetts, and it's not just their penchant for tribal drumming and other 'exotic' forms of instrumentation; they're both undeniably dexterous players who nonetheless emphasize texture and atmosphere over chops. One of his most satisfying solo records, What Means Solid, Traveller? starts in a gnarled, dissonant place, and ends in ethereal, ambient nirvana.

Track listing:
1. Spell Breaks with the Weather
2. What Means "Solid", Traveller?
3. Such Little Mirrors
4. Tiny Burns a Bridge
5. Gidya Hana
6. Each Prince, to His Kingdom, Must Labor to Go
7. Particle Bugs @ Purulia Station
8. I Will Not Be Free...
9. ... 'Til You Are Free
10. Elsewhere, Now Than Waving

Specific unbalance

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  1. Theres an Echoes cd comp I believe the shows first cd back in the 90s that has an amazing Torn track called Sending Religion to Bed. Amazing guitar looped instrumental. Thats would opened my ears to this guys amazing talents hes also on The Leaving Time a Michael Shrieve and Steve Roach release that is damn fine. Thanks again man for your sharing this I did not have this and look fwd to a listen!