Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dead Blue Sky - Symptoms of an Unwanted Emotion (2001)

Only LP from Dead Blue Sky, two members of whom ended up in Mouth of the Architect. Elements of melodic death and black metal melded together in melodramatic, goth-tinged majesty that 18-year-old-me would have obsessed over. I mean, look at those emo-ass song titles! "Holding Yesterday for Ransom"? "My Sadness Has No Seasons"? And, as the DL link will show, the lyrics are no better. Would've made for the perfect soundtrack to all of my imagined woes.

Track listing:
1. Beneath the Autumn Sun
2. Essence of Creation
3. To Live in Dreams
4. When Time Was Time and Life Was Breath
5. Holding Yesterday for Ransom
6. My Sadness Has No Seasons
7. Ghost in the Melody
8. A Reminder of These Heartless Days
9. Ascension of Beauty
10. Symptoms of an Unwanted Emotion

I leave this secret with you
Think of it what you will
I've never felt so empty
This place has drained me
This place I could never hate more


  1. Indeed. Every one of those song titles could be a band name today.

  2. Yep. Anyway, "Symptoms of an Unwanted Emotion" seems quite funny to me.

  3. ... And I just realized it's the album title!! LOL

  4. could you reupload this? cannot find it anywhere else