Monday, March 28, 2016

Matthew Sweet - Kimi Ga Suki (Raifu) (2004)

Velvet Crush - In the Presence of Greatness (1991)

Kimi Ga Suki (Raifu) was initially a Japan-only release, then received a limited US release the next year, and is currently out of print. Bitter feelings via sugary melodies. Easily one of Sweet's best, and devoid of the slow ballads that bog down some of his other (otherwise glorious) albums.

Track listing:
1. Dead Smile
2. Morning Song
3. The Ocean In-Between
4. I Love You
5. I Don't Want to Know
6. Warning
7. Spiral
8. Love Is Gone
9. Hear This
10. Wait
11. Tonight We Ride
12. Through Your Eyes
13. Arigato

You would prefer their lies for a while 

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  1. Thanks for the Matthew Sweet! All I know by him is Girlfriend.

    P.S. heads-up for Dear Spirit - you may wish to be aware that something's afoot over at Cun Cun Na Ma, and check that none of your posts have been 'liberally borrowed':

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. After a quick look around, it didn't look like any of my writing's on there -- looks like they prefer a lot more writing than I generally do, so they prob won't be interested in stealing my posts. Really fucking lame that they're doing that though, I'm taking them off my list. Another blog appears to be re-posting some of the stuff I put on here, but they do their own writeups so I don't really care.

    2. Cheers dude. Managed to settle fairly amicably with Drago of Cun Cun - seems to have been an honest mistake, taking a bunch of guest posts from a slightly questionable contributor.

      If there's one thing Walter White taught me, it's that you've gotta be sure your product's pure...

  2. I think it is his best, but lately I've been wondering if Sunshine Lies should be the one considered that. My favorite is Blue Sky on Mars, though, just because he played almost everything in there and had many lovely tracks ("Make Believe", "Back to You", "Over it", "Missing Time").